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Journalism’s Last Year

May 25, 2017


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The end of the school year has arrived and, unfortunately, this will be Journalism’s last year. I am one of the few students who arrived at Journalism for the first semester and decided to stay for the second semester as well. My one semester elective ended up being a year long elective, in short. In the first semester I worked as a reporter for news, and in the second semester I am working as an A&E reporter.

Now summer break is just around the corner, and as that approaches I have to say farewell to Journalism. Journalism is fun class, I got to learn how to correctly report on a certain subject, my vocabulary has improved greatly, and editing so many articles as an editor has most definitely given me a better grasp on grammar. Everyday I look forward to this class, because not only do I get to relax and edit or write an article, but it also gives me a better grasp on whats going on out there in the world, which is something I definitely needed.
Almost everyday I go home and inform my mom or brother about some interesting news I had learned in Journalism. This class also helped to improve my knowledge on politics too, which, in this day and era, is something that’s truly important. I’m definitely going to miss Journalism, I had fun learning facts about important events coming up, or the new movies coming out.

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As I had stated before, as of next year Journalism will be no more. With the arrival of summer break that also means that the new school year will follow close behind. Students are able to choose the electives they want, whether its a semester long elective or a year long elective. Sadly not enough students chose Journalism as a possibility of an elective for them to have, which means that Journalism will not be able to continue.

I will definitely miss Journalism, I can’t express how fun it was. I hope that Journalism will be back up and running as an elective in a few years. Goodbye Journalism…

Before I end this article I will just name some of the articles that I am proud of:


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